Success Stories

Kaushalya Karnataka (A skilling program by Govt. of Karnataka)

Kaushalya Karnataka was a first-of-its-kind program launched by the Govt. of Karnataka in 2017, where over 700,000 candidates were on-boarded into a state-wide skilling program, in partnership with United Nations Development Program. IGS was responsible for providing career guidance to these students, and find the right training and employment opportunities for them through match-making. IGS has on-boarded over 500 executives from all over the state and trained them to execute this process over telephonic and face-face modes. Over 200,000 candidates were recommended for skilling and employment, and over 7,000 employers were employed from all over the state with 50,000 job vacancies. The counselling and employer onboarding data was shared with the government for next steps.

Magic Bus India (In partnership with DISHA initiative by United Nations Development Program)

Magic Bus India is a highly reputed and dedicated organization working towards improving the quality of education and life skills for under-privileged children in the age group of 11-18 years. IGS has been chosen as the technology partner for a livelihood project in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, where 2000 girl students from under-privileged backgrounds were on-boarded for a skilling and placement program, in partnership with DISHA, an initiative by United Nations aligned to their sustainable development goals. During the course of 9 months, all the students were registered, counselled and trained in several employability skills by Magic bus, using IGS platform. Half way into the one-year program, over 1700 students have already been placed with employers on-boarded by Magic bus on IGS.

Medha-JEECUP Pilot (In partnership with the Board of Technical Education, Govt. of UP)

Medha is a Lucknow-based organization working in the education and skills domain. Through a joint partnership with JEECUP under the Board of Technical Education, Govt. of UP, they have been chosen to train and place over 20,000 polytechnic students from 100 government colleges from the state of Uttar Pradesh. This is the most recent engagement with IGS playing the role of a technology partner, where the colleges will use IGS to onboard employers, register students, counsel them and place them. The program is governed both at a regional and central level by committees appointed by the government, who will use IGS for monitoring and evaluation. Within the first one month, over 140 users from the respective colleges and officers from the department of technical education were trained in using IGS platform, and over 12000 candidates have already been registered.