Our Story

About IGS

I Got Skills (IGS) is an online marketplace for skilling and employment opportunities targeted at the unemployed youth of India. Developed by Mindtree as a part of their CSR initiative, the IGS platform connects job seekers, training providers, employers based on their unique requirements and preferences, and offers career guidance to job seekers based on the required skills and industry demand for their preferred job roles. Built using a state-of-the-art technology stack, the IGS platform hosts a smart assessment and match-making engine based on National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF), covering over 2200 job roles and 4500 skills from 37 industry sectors. Using this framework, the IGS platform provides career recommendations to job seekers, and instantly connects them with training providers and employers based on their interests and skills.

About Mindtree.Org

Mindtree.org are a group of passionate engineers and social entrepreneurs, building digital interventions for social inclusion. The team has been brought together by Bangalore-based technology firm Mindtree under their CSR charter in 2013, with a vision of creating livelihood impact on a large scale. Over the last 5 years, several domain interventions have been executed by Mindtree.org and its partners to improve the livelihoods of waste-pickers, artisans, farmers, and unemployed youth. Each of our solutions is centered around digitally empowering the poor and marginalized, besides building an eco-system that enables social enterprises, governments, citizens, volunteers and educational institutions to connect and transact with each other on a daily basis. Today, approximately 2 million users from 10 states benefit from our services.