Our Mission

To build a livelihood ecosystem that provides unemployed youth with access to the right skilling and employment opportunities, while bridging the demand and supply gaps between industry and skill providers.

The job market today presents a great paradox. On one hand, there are lakhs of unemployed youth who can’t seem to find jobs leading one to believe that there are no jobs. On the other hand, employers looking for skilled workforce are unable to find right talent for the roles being offered, pointing towards an employability and skill gap issue. Team IGS analyzed this problem in collaboration with UNDP India who provided guidance based on their deep knowledge in the employability and job-counselling space, and five key issues were found:

The heterogeneity and dynamicity of the labor market coupled with the challenges in the unorganized sector calls for a single engagement platform where all the stakeholders can come together to bridge the gaps. I Got Skills platform enables exactly that, with a 3-fold approach to address the above issues.

  • Enable candidates to upskill, and get access to job/self-employment market on the basis of their skills and strengths.
  • Enable employers and training providers to reach-out to candidates with their specific needs in real time.
  • Connect candidates, employers, training providers, and governments/skill development bodies on a common digital marketplace.

Key features of IGS Platform

  • Self and assisted career guidance for unemployed youth, based on their interests, strengths, and industry demand.
  • Job role taxonomy built using National Skills Qualifications Framework, which is widely accepted and followed by industry associations, sector skill councils, and vocational training providers.
  • Skill assessment framework with over 20,000 questions, covering 2200 job roles and 4500 skills from 37 sectors.
  • Smart and efficient match-making engine that ensures the best possible matches for candidates, employers and training providers in real time.
  • Personality and Employability assessments for all the registered candidates before match-making with employers, training providers.
  • Online self-registration and continued assistance from IGS helpdesk via phone and email, for all the stakeholders.
  • Simple and Easy-to-use interface that’s available in both Android and Web versions in different regional languages.
  • Platform registration and life-time usage charges FREE for the first 1,000,000 users.