NGOs / Social Enterprises

As one of the world’s largest and fast-growing economies, India is at the cusp of a livelihood revolution, with skilling, employment, and entrepreneurship at its forefront. It is estimated that on an average 12 million youths enter the Indian workforce every year and there is a need to provide guidance to 60-65% of them. Industries/businesses on the other hand are growing at an unforeseen pace on the back of digital technologies and are adding millions of fresh jobs as we speak. There is a clear need to have a comprehensive and robust skill development, livelihood, and entrepreneurship framework which will ensure that these jobs reach the right candidate. This is exactly where I Got Skills comes into play.

The digital marketplace offered by the I Got Skills platform is best suited for various social enterprises, including the not for profit organizations and foundations, running multiple skilling and livelihood programs. It offers a full suite of services to effectively monitor, manage, and execute their operations. The services include areas such as career guidance for youth, assessments and recommendations for skilling and placements, digital matchmaking with vocational training providers and employers, dashboards and analytics on candidate demographics, career aspirations, counselling, trainer and employer on-boarding, real-time skilling and placement status etc.

Our internal studies have shown that the IGS marketplace can digitally transform an enterprise, helping them improve productivity by over 50%*, and minimizing the inevitable data redundancy.

The IGS platform has been built by Mindtree as a part of their CSR initiative with an investment of INR 30 Crore over 5 years, and is offered FREE of cost to these partners. The technology stack is an integrated suite of web and android based applications for employers, trainers, job seekers/trainees, career counsellors and government authorities, which are currently being used by more than 1,000,000 users from all over India.

IGS also hosts an intelligent assessment and match-making engine built on NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework), making it a holistic, highly adaptable solution best-suited for implementing large scale skilling and placement programs. The platform covers 37 job sectors and 2200 job roles listed by NSDC, and is available in multiple regional languages.

We understand that the need of services for a partner may transcend the traditional boundaries of job seekers, employers, and training providers. Hence, we have created a dedicated application, called as the Partner app, which provides access to all the three stakeholders from a single application. It also provides next level monitoring and analytics to effectively manage operations. This arrangement works best for partners who are engaged in all the three spheres of candidate mobilization, skilling, and employment.

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