Employers / Industry bodies

As a growing business, finding a work force with the right mix of qualifications, experience, dedication, and loyalty can be a big challenge. Many organizations invest a lot of their time and resources on recruitment, often struggling to find the right profiles for their needs. If you’re one of them, you have come to the right place.

IGS platform helps in identifying the right candidates for your job requirements, through an easy-to-use interface and intelligent match-making algorithm. Employers registered with IGS can create personalized job requirements, view and shortlist suitable profiles from a pool of verified and evaluated candidates, schedule interviews, and recruit them with just a few clicks, totally free of cost.

All the jobseekers registered on IGS platform undergo a profile evaluation, career guidance and skill assessment process, followed by a submission for employment match-making. Our match-making algorithm is designed to find the right matches for you at all times, using an extensive list of criteria such as sector/job-role alignment, salary expectations, location preferences, academic qualifications, prior work experience, age and any other parameters that are specific to your organization. We also collect feedback from employers at various stages in the recruitment cycle, which is then used to improve the match-making process. This feedback is also shared periodically with our vocational training partners, thereby enabling them to focus on skills that are in demand for each of the job sectors.

Besides intelligent and efficient match-making, registered employers also benefit from round-the-clock technical assistance offered by IGS help desk via telephone and email. IGS is an inclusive platform open to all micro, small, medium and large enterprises, irrespective of their trade, location, and no. of vacancies.

Go ahead and register with IGS today, and join the thousands of employers benefiting from this ecosystem.